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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-06Daily global solar radiation estimate based on sunshine hoursMuzathik, A.M.; Nik, W.B.W.; Ibrahim, M. Z.; Samo, K.B.; Sopian, K.; Alghoul, M.A.
2015-12-22Dark September of Ceylon children: a sociological analysis based on news paper reportSasitharan, C
2017-01-17Dark tourism and its potential impacts on tourism industry in Sri LankaNisthar, S.; Vijayakumar, S.; Nufile, A.A.M.
10/1/2009Day of the week effect: new evidence from developing stock market a special reference to Colombo stock exchange period from 1985 to 2007Rauf, Abdul AL
2017Da’wah of female students and challenges face them: A case study of South Eastern University of Sri LankaJazeel, M. I. M.; Nasmiya, A.H.; Dheeshan, Y.F.; Rukaiya, M.J.F.
2015-03-04DDR ஆய்வுகளின் விரிவாக்கமும் யுத்தத்திற்கு பின்னரான இலங்கையின் அனுபவங்களும் (Expanding the Researches in DDR and Experience from Post-war Sri Lanka)Kamalasiri, V.; Fazil, M.M.
2019-12-18Debut event of Kooththu (Tamil regional art form) in the cultural space: arichanthiran drama vadamodi koothu - a studyChandrakumar, S.
2019-12-18Decentralized administration and the improvement of ethnic cohesion: a study with special reference to the impact of proposed Kalmunai administrative district in Sri LankaSarjoon, Athambawa
2015-12-07Deciphering of occupatuinal segregation: gender perspective in the sri lankan labour marketSriyaniMangalika, Meewalaarchchi; Mohamed Razmy, Athambawa
2013-07-06A decision index to locate a new commercial bank branchSeneviratne, H.A.D.N.C; Paranamana, P.J; Perera, S.S.N
2016-12-20Decision making theory; a Philosophical viewRiyal, A.L.Mohamed
2002Decision support tool for pre-saturation water management under gravity irrigation.Aminul, M.H.; Najim, M.M.M.; Lee, T. S.
2020-12Decision tree based automated prediction of infant low birth weightAkmal Jahan, M. A. C.; Razmy, A. M.
2020-09-25Deep learning system for automatic license plate recognition to track Sri Lankan vehicles which needed or with legal issuesImantha, Y.M.S.G.; Naleer, H.M.M.
2014Defects analysis, minimize metal wastages and yield improvement for grey cast iron casting: a case studyRanasiri, K.M.; Muzathik, A.M.
2016-12-20Deformation analysis of a diaphragm type pressure sensor for automotive safety applicationsMunas, F. R.
2014-01-17Degree of market orientation and sustainability of Micro Enterprise OperatorsPrasannath, Vanitha
2019-11-27Delineate subsurface lithology and groundwater investigation of Ongur Sub Basin, South IndiaVinodh, K.; Senthilkumar, S.; Gowtham, B.; Suresh, V. M.; Ameer, M. L. F.; Balasooriya, N. W. B.; Reddy, M. R. B.
-Delivery management system for Karunarathna Sons (Pvt) Ltd.Rashida, M. F; Asanka, A. A. V; Department of Management and Information Technology
-Delivery management system for Piyal Distributors PolonnaruwaThowfeek, M.H.; Daswaththa, D.M.P.H.; Department of Management and Information Technology