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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-12Hajj pilgrimage – practices and challenges: a comparative study of Sri Lanka and IndiaJalaldeen, MSM
-Hall reservation system for Mathura Wedding MahalIlmudeen, A; Thanusha , C. M; Department of Management and Information Technology
2014-08-02Hallucinated 3d face model from a single 2d low-resolution face using machine learningNaleer, H.M.M; Yao, LU
2018-12-20Handloom weaving in Tirunelveli, 1800 – 1850Paramasivan, G.; Alphonsa, S.
12/29/2016Handwritten character recognition usingnaïve bayesclassifier method for desktop and mobile applicationPriyanthy, S; Naleer, HMM
2018Hate campaigns and attacks against the Muslims in recent Sri LankaRazick, A.S.; Gafoordeen, N.; Mazahir, S.M.M.
2013-07-06Hazard quotient, odd ratio and relative riskThushyanthy, M.; Gunalan, K.; Asanthi, H.B.; Gamage, T.P.D.; Saravanan, S.
2015Head dresses and hair decoration: a unique historical process of south Indian assimilation into patterns of head decoration during 16th century Sri Lanka.Karunaratne, Priyanka Virajini Medagedara
-Health care management system for medical center - DiganaShibly, F. H. A; Shanjeewani, Y. G. N; Department of Management and Information Technology
2015-12-22Health implication of water poverty: a study based on Dehiyattakandiya divisional secretariat of Ampara district, Sri LankaRiswan, M
-Health laboratory system for MedilabMohamed Shiraj, M.; Sihnas, A.J.F.; Department of Management and Information Technology
2020Health perspective of emergency accident evacuation system : a Cloud Iot and mobile based conceptual frameworkKariapper, R. K. A. R.; Suhail Razeeth, M. S.
2019-12-18Health problems faced by pregnant women: a sociological study based on Glentilt estate centered on Ambagamuwa pradeshiya sabah.Dushanthy Jeney, C.; Niruja, M.
2011-04-19Health seeking behavior of people in western and ayurvedic medicines: a comparative study in Nintavur divisional secretariatRiswan, M
2012-05-20Heavy metal removal in landfill leachate using agricultural waste materials: a case study in Sri LankaSewwandi, B. G. N.; Mowjood, M. I. M.; Vithanage, M.; Kawamoto, K.
2013-12-03Heavy metals and trace elements analysis in groundwater around Mahaoya hot water springsAdikaram, A.M.N.M; Udagedara, D.T.; Silva, A.A.M.P.
2017-11-28Helmholtz’s equation on a cubed sphereFaham, M.A.A. Mohamed.
2015High tech applications of Sri Lankan vein graphite; future trendsBalasooriya, N.W.B
2019-05-10Highly efficient, PbS:Hg quantum dot–sensitized, plasmonic solar cells with TiO2 triple-layer photo anodeDissanayake, M.A.K.L.; Jaseetharan, T.; Senadeera, G.K.R.; Kumari, J.M.K.W.; Thotawatthage, C.A.; Mellander, E.; Albinson, I.; Furlani, M.
2019-11-07Highways traffic surveillance using internet protocol cameras and open source computer vision libraryJayasinghe, J. A. G. G.; Naleer, H. M. M.