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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-01-04Enhancing the performance of PbS:Hg quantum dot - sensitized solar cells by controlling the surface charge of TiO2 electrodeJaseetharan, T.; Dissanayake, M. K. M. L.; Senadeera, G. K. R.; Thotawatthage, C. A.
2020Effect of PbS quantum dot-doped poly sulfide nano fiber gel polymer electrolyte on efficiency enhancement in CdS quantum dot-sensitized TiO2 solar cellsDissanayake, M.A.K.L.; Liyanage, T.; Jaseetharan, T.; Senadeera, G.K.R.; Dassanayake, B.S.
2019-10-11Surface plasmon resonance effect of Au nano particles on The efficiency of cds quantum dot- sensitized solar cellsJaseetharan, T.; Dissanayakel, M.A.K.L.; Senadeera, G.K.R.
2019-10-04Efficiency enhancement in PbS/CdS quantum dot-sensitized solar cells by plasmonic Ag nanoparticlesDissanayake, M.A.K.L.; Jaseetharan, T.; Senadeera, G.K.R.; Kumari, J.M.K.W.
2018-04-10A novel, PbS:Hg quantum dot-sensitized, highly efficient solar cell structure with triple layered TiO2 photoanodeDissanayake, M.A.K.L.; Jaseetharan, T.; Senadeera, G.K.R.; Thotawatthage, C.A.
2021-01-15Solid-state solar cells co-sensitized with PbS/CdS quantum dots and N719 dye and based on solid polymer electrolyte with binary cations and nanofillersDissanayake, M.A.K.L.; Jaseetharan, T.; Senadeera, G.K.R; Mellander, B.-E; Albinsson, I.; Furlani, M; Kumari, J.M.K.W
2020-07-03Polyaniline (PANI) mediated cation trapping effect on ionic conductivity enhancement in poly(ethylene oxide) based solid polymer electrolytes with application in solid state dye sensitized solar cellsDissanayake, M.A.K.L.; Kumari, J.M.K.W.; Senadeera, G.K.R.; Jaseetharan, T.; Mellander, E.; Albinson, I.; Furlani, M.
2019-05-10Highly efficient, PbS:Hg quantum dot–sensitized, plasmonic solar cells with TiO2 triple-layer photo anodeDissanayake, M.A.K.L.; Jaseetharan, T.; Senadeera, G.K.R.; Kumari, J.M.K.W.; Thotawatthage, C.A.; Mellander, E.; Albinson, I.; Furlani, M.
2021-07-02Influence of citric acid linker molecule on photovoltaic performance of CdS quantum dots-sensitized TiO2 solar cellsSenadeera, G. K. R.; Sandamali, W. I.; Dissanayake, M. A. K. L.; Jaseetharan, T.; Perera, V. P. S.; Rajendra, J. C. N.; Karthikeyan, N.; Lahiru, A. W.
2021-11A low-cost, vein graphite / tin oxide nanoparticles based composite counter electrode for efficient dye-sensitized solar cellsDissanayake, M. A. K. L.; Kumari, J. M. K. W.; Senadeera, G. K. R.; Jaseetharan, T.; Weerasinghe, Janith; Hafeez, Anwar