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Contribution of special educational institutions in imparting education to the differently abled children

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dc.identifier.citation Proceedings of Abstract, South Eastern University Arts Research Session on "Promoting Research and Development in Social Sciences and Humanities", 2014. p. 37
dc.description.abstract Special Education is presently famous as inclusive Education. This Education system helps to develop the talents of differently abled children who have special needs. In this regard, it is usual that all children have shortcomings. It is the bounden duty of parents as well as those who are in educational factors to provide the Education wiping off the shortcomings. It cannot sideline the children with shortcomings, but it can be providing special education to them. The children who are unable to learn through normal class actives or who have hindrances in this are considered to have special needs. These children are found to be vastly different in physical, mental and emotional characteristics from normal children. They have special classes or Special schools in western countries. But in our country they are put in normal classes. Since they have different behavioral attitudes, they cannot be engaged in teaching activities like normal children, because they are mentally and physically backward. It is noteworthy that, important global attention is being paid to their special education. The differently abled children are being provided education while teachers are trained to teach them while environmental and health facilities with development and health facilities with development projects for them are provided Likewise, even in Sri Lanka importance is given, while government organizations and NHOs are rendering financial assistance to this effect. This research is done in order to find and express what type of teaching and maintaining methods do the Special Educational Institutions in the Manmunai North Divisional Secretariat Division, follow for the Special Needs students en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Faculty of Arts & Culture South Eastern University of Sri Lanka Oluvil # 32360 Sri Lanka en_US
dc.subject Special Education en_US
dc.subject Different Skill en_US
dc.subject Inclusive Education en_US
dc.subject Emotion en_US
dc.title Contribution of special educational institutions in imparting education to the differently abled children en_US
dc.title.alternative Research based on the special educational institutions in the manmunai north division secretariat, Batticaloa en_US
dc.type Conference abstract en_US

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