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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-03-13Freelancers as part-time employees: dimensions of FVP and FJS in E- Lancing platformsIlmudeen, Aboobucker
2019-09-15Gig workers in sharing economy: conceptualizing freelancer value proposition (FVP) in e-lancing platformsIlmudeen, Aboobucker
2019-06-04How does business-IT strategic alignment dimension impact on organizational performance measures: conjecture and empirical analysisIlmudeen, Aboobucker; Yukun, Bao; Ibraheem, Mubarak Alharbi
2021-07-09The impact of business analytics capability on data-driven culture and exploration: achieving a competitive advantageAlmazmomi, Najah; Ilmudeen, Aboobucker; Qaffas, Alaa A.
2013-07-06The impact of computer virus attacks and its preventive mechanisms among personal computer (PC) usersIlmudeen, Aboobucker
2020-04-08The impact of green entrepreneurial orientation, market orientation and green supply chain management practices on sustainable firm performanceIlmudeen, Aboobucker
2020-10Impact of information technology (it) governance on firm business value: the role of business-it alignment and it investment performanceIlmudeen, Aboobucker
2019-08-17Impact of IT governance mechanism on IT-enabled dynamic capabilities to shape agility and firm innovative capability: moderating role of turbulent environmentIlmudeen, Aboobucker
2021-07-12The impact of managing IT on business-IT alignment and firm performance: an empirical studyIlmudeen, Aboobucker
2014-01-17Importance of information and communication technology (ICT) curriculum in government school of Sri LankaIlmudeen, Aboobucker
2021-07-06Information technology (IT) governance and IT capability to realize firm performance: enabling role of agility and innovative capabilityIlmudeen, Aboobucker
2015-02Information technology governance (ITG) in measuring the importance of IT investment performance.Ilmudeen, Aboobucker
2012-04-10Introducing information and communication technology (ICT) in Government Schools: educational challenges and opportunities (special reference to Ampara District)Ilmudeen, Aboobucker
2020-05-28IT strategy and business strategy mediate the effect of managing IT on firm performance: empirical analysisIlmudeen, Aboobucker
2021-11-09Leveraging IT‑enabled dynamic capabilities to shape business process agility and firm innovative capability: moderating role of turbulent environmentIlmudeen, Aboobucker
2012-05-25Measuring business: IT alignment status and IT governance: special reference to 3 selected companies in Sri LankaIlmudeen, Aboobucker
2018-05Mediating role of managing information technology and its impact on firm performance: insight from ChinaIlmudeen, Aboobucker; Bao, Yukun
2021-01-21The nexus between entrepreneurial orientation and performance: enabling roles of absorptive capacityRaisal, Ismail; Arun Kumar, Tarofder; Ilmudeen, Aboobucker
2014-08A review on the relationship variables of IT governance and organization performance.Ilmudeen, Aboobucker
2020-03-19Revisiting dynamic capability for organizations' innovation types: does it matter for organizational performance in China?Ilmudeen, Aboobucker