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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-03-18Advances and innovations in sustainable management of maize storage pests to supply safe food and feedRifath, M. R. A.; Thariq, M. G. M.; Rihan, M. H.; Mubarak, A. N. M.; Kumara, A. D. N.T; Musthafa, M. M.; Majeed, U. L. A.
2019Coleoptera of genting highland, Malaysia: species richness and diversity changes along the elevationsMusthafa, M. M.; Abdullah, F.
2024-01-21Concentration of Algal Toxins in Drinking Water in Irakkamam DS Division of Ampara, Sri Lanka where Chronic Kidney Disease of Uncertain Etiology (CKDu)is PrevalentAsmath, A. M. M.; Najim, M. M. M.; Musthafa, M. M.; Abdul Majeed, U. L.; Zisath Shama, L. F.
2021-12-16Disaster waiting to happen: the impact of insect biomass declineMusthafa, M. M.
2021Microsatellite markerbased genetic diversity in Mareecha and Barela breeds of dromedary camel from PakistanHussain, T.; Hussain, F.; Wajid, A.; Ellahi Babar, M.; Musthafa, M. M.; Marikar, F. M. M. T.
2021-04-26Molecular investigations on the Rajanpuri strain of Beetal goat breed of Pakistan by complete mtDNA displacement region and microsatellite markersWajid, A.; Hussain, T.; Marikar, F. M. M. T.; Musthafa, M. M.; Abbas, K.; Ali, A.; Babar, M. E.
2022-08-08Molecular phylogeny and genetic diversity of interferon-α-a domestic yaks (bos grunniens) in PakistanEllahi Babar, M.; Hussain, T.; Ali, A.; Aftab, A.; Sohail, M.; Ali, M.; -ul-Ain, Q.; Wajid, A.; Faizan, M.; Marikar, F. M. M. T.; Musthafa, M. M.