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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-02-04Accelerating text-based plagiarism detection using GPUsJiffriya, M. A. C.; Akmal Jahan, M. A. C.; Hasindu, Gamaarachchi; Roshan, G. Ragel
2014-03AntiPlag: plagiarism detection on electronic submissions of text-based assignmentsJiffriya, M. A. C.; Akmal Jahan, M. A. C.; Roshan, G. Ragel; Sampath, Deegalla
2022-11-15Automated text summarization of scientific documentsAkmal Jahan, M. A. C.; Gunathilaka, R. D. R. M.
2023-06Automated text summarization of Sinhala online articlesAkmal Jahan, M. A. C.; Wijesekara, K. K. C.
2022-11-15Crowd detection in OPDS of public hospitals using customized YoloAkmal Jahan, M. A. C.; Ratnayake, S.
2020-12Decision tree based automated prediction of infant low birth weightAkmal Jahan, M. A. C.; Razmy, A. M.
2022-11-15Depression analysis on users of social network using machine learning algorithmsAkmal Jahan, M. A. C.; Vithusa, B.
2022-09-14HOG and dimensional feature based vehicle classification for parking slot allocationAkmal Jahan, M. A. C.; Niranjana, J.; Vithusa, B.; Jumani, S. F.; Zulfa, R. F.
2022-09HOS - finger code: bispectral invariants based contactless multi-finger recognition system using ridge orientation and feature fusionAkmal Jahan, M. A. C.; Kien, Nguyen Thanh; Jasmine, Banks
2022-11-15Impact of machine learning algorithms on disease prediction using microbiome dataAkmal Jahan, M. A. C.; Jumani, S. F.
2023-05-03Prediction of depression in social network posts using machine learning algorithmsVithusa, B.; Akmal Jahan, M. A. C.