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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-12-14Analyzing cocoa export from Sri Lanka using a time series modelWijerathne, R. G. W. I. M.; Jahufer, A.
2017-11-28Analyzing relationship between import and export of Sri Lanka using vector auto-regressive approachMayazir, N.N.; Jahufer, A.
2022-11-15Analyzing the factors influencing in heart disease: a case study in Monaragala districtJayawardana, D. M. T. N.; Jahufer, A.
2021-11-30Analyzing the temperature of Sri Lanka: SARIMA approachJayawardana, D. M. T. N.; Jahufer, A.
2021-11-30Analyzing the volatility of all share price index using ARCH family modelsKumara, A. M. P. S.; Jahufer, A.
2018-11-29Customer satisfaction and awareness of Islamic banking system in AmparaRoshan, A.M.F.; Jahufer, A.
2015Determinants of job satisfaction among government and private bank employees in Sri Lanka (Case study: Ampara Region)Jahufer, A.
2020-09-25Effect of carbon dioxide on emission Economic growth, energy consumption and Population growth in SAARC CountriesDe Zoysa, G.I.C.L.; Jahufer, A.
2021-11-30Effects of monetary shocks in Sri Lankan economyHanainya, M. F.; Jahufer, A.
2017-11-28Forecasting Sri Lankan inflation: time series approachHaalisha, MA.; Jahufer, A.
2018Forecasting Sri Lankan tourist arrivals: a comparative study of Holt- Winter’s method versus ARIMA modelRoshan, A. M. F.; Jahufer, A.
2018-11-15Forecasting Sri Lankan tourist arrivals: time series approachRoshan, A. M. F.; Jahufer, A.
2018-10-15Geometric distributed lag analysis for economic growth of Sri LankaMayazir, N. N.; Jahufer, A.
2021-11-30Impact of external and domestic demands on economic growth of Sri LankaSenarathna, K.M.J.I.B.; Jahufer, A.
2019-08-07Investigating the impact of macroeconomic factors on gross domestic product of Sri Lankan economy for the period from 1980 to 2017.Mayazir, N. N.; Jahufer, A.; Haalisha, A.
2019-11-27Measuring youngsters’ satisfaction in Islamic Banking system: the applicability of servqualRoshan, A. M. F.; Nafrees, A. C. M.; Jahufer, A.
2015-11-25Multiple regression approach to fit suitable model for all share price index with other important related factorsJahufer, A.; Imras, A.H.M.
2019-12-12Relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction in Islamic banking system in Sri LankaRoshan, A. M. F.; Nafrees, A. C. M.; Jahufer, A.
2023-12-14Studying the relationship between dengue infection and environment factors in Gampaha district Sri LankaWimalarathna, S. A. T. B.; Jahufer, A.
2021-11-30Tourism and economic growth in Sri Lanka: an ARDL bound test approachWickramasinghe, T. G. A. P. M.; Jahufer, A.