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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-05-30Access to information: experience of undergraduates from two universities of Sri LankaJazeel, M.I.M.; Dehigama, K.
2019An analysis on history of madrasah tradition in Sri Lanka and its basic characteristicsJazeel, M.I.M.
2020-08-30Application of Outcome-Based Curriculum in Religious Studies: The Case of Madrasas in Sri LankaJazeel, M.I.M.
2020-09-20The comparison between the translation of Al-Hilali, khan and the translation of arberry of the holy Quran – (surah al-Fatihah and 16 verses from surah al-Baqarah)Sabrina, Abdul Azeez Fathima.; Jazeel, M.I.M.
2017Da’wah of female students and challenges face them: A case study of South Eastern University of Sri LankaJazeel, M.I.M.; Nasmiya, A.H.; Dheeshan, Y.F.; Rukaiya, M.J.F.
2021-03Faith-based social work services: the analysis of the mosque contribution in Sri lankaJazeel, M.I.M.
2014-08-02Financial management practices of mosques in Sri Lanka: an observationJazeel, M.I.M.
2020-09-20Friday sermon (khutbah) in character building and social development in a minority context: the case of Mosques in Sri LankaJazeel, M.I.M.
2016-12-20Information seeking behaviour of humanities and social sciences undergraduates at South Eastern University of Sri LankaJazeel, M.I.M.; Dehigama, K.
2020The integration of outcomes based educational model in degree programmes in Arabic and Islamic studies: the case of four state universities in Sri LankaJazeel, M.I.M.
2013-07-06Managing islamic organization : some preliminary findings from the mosques in Sri LankaJazeel, M.I.M.
2016-05-30Message from the CoordinatorJazeel, M.I.M.
2017The mosque programme of education in Sri Lanka: An anlysisJazeel, M.I.M.
2017Muslim women involvement in the social works in Ulahitiwala and impact of Islamic organizations on themJazeel, M.I.M.; Askiya, M.A.R.; Nuskiya, S.M.F
2021-04-01The perception of women activists on polygamy: a case study in Kinniya regionShiyana, Muhammathu Mubarak; Jazeel, M.I.M.
2021Quazi Court Practices in Muslim Family Disputes: A Case Study on Quazi Courts of Sri LankaJazeel, M.I.M.; Fowzul, M.B.
2016-12-20Role of islamic institutions in addressing family problems among the muslim families of Kattankudy: a case studyJazeel, M.I.M.; Helfan, M.L.M.
2018Role of Islamic institutions in solving family problems among the Muslim families of Kattankudy: case studyJazeel, M.I.M.; Helfan, M.L.M.
2020-12-07Servant leadership attributes of the mosques in Sri Lanka -An empirical analysisJazeel, M.I.M.