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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12-31Assessment of current status on smart farming technologies in Batticaloa District, Sri LankaNarmilan, A.; Niroash, G.; Puvanitha, N.
2016-12-20Assessment of sub-leachate pollution index (Sub – Lpihm) to determine the heavy metal pollution potential of landfill leachate at Thirupperumthurai landfill site, BatticaloaThivyatharsan, R.; Narmilan, A.
2016-03Assessment of water availability and personal hygiene in the Vavunatheevu area of Batticaloa district: a base line studySugirtharan, M.; Narmilan, A.; Dasinaa, S.; Amuthenie, S.
2017Characteristics of sediments of Batticaloa lagoon of Sri Lanka during rainy season with special reference to texture and organic matterSugirtharan, M.; Pathmarajah, S.; Mowjood, M.I.M.; Narmilan, A.
2017-08Crop farm baseline survey in Eravur Pattu of Batticaloa district with special reference to socioeconomic factors, cultivation practices, extension services and constraintsNarmilan, A.; Puvanitha, S.
2015-12Demand for organic food products in the urban areas of the Batticaloa district, Sri LankaNarmilan, A.; Amuthenie, S.
2017E-agricultural concepts for improving productivity: a reviewNarmilan, A.
2021-12Effect of pads and thickness of paddy on moisture removal under sun dryingNarmilan, A.; Niroash, G.; Mowjood, M. I. M.; Akram, A. T. A.
2016-08Efficiency of coagulation processes for the treatment of flood affected water with special reference to turbidity and total solidsJeevasuluxey, J.; Thivyatharsan, R.; Narmilan, A.
2021-07-27Experimental performance of a passive greenhouse solar dryer for paddyDilrukshi, J. P. M. N.; Narmilan, A.; Mowjood, M. I. M.
2022-03-30Factors affecting climate change adaptation among paddy farmers in coastal area of Ampara districtNarmilan, A.; Asmath, A. M. M.; Asmiya, A.; Santhirakumar, S.
2022-02-10The impact of covid-19 outbreak on school e-learning systemKetheeswaran, k.; Santhirakumar, S.; Narmilan, A.; Jayapraba, S.
2017-12-13Impact of extreme climate on crop production and management techniques in Batticaloa district, Sri Lanka: review on flood and droughtNarmilan, A.; Sewwandi, B.G.N.; Puvanitha, S.
2018-09Modelling the crop water requirement in Batticaloa district, Sri Lanka: FAO-Cropwat modelling for riceNarmilan, A.; Sugirtharan, M.
2017-09Paddy farmer’s satisfaction and problems associated with Mahavilachchiya tank irrigation in Anuradhapura districtJayawardena, S P; Sugirtharan, M.; Narmilan, A.
2017-12-07Pesticides usage and socioeconomic characteristics of paddy farmers with special reference to Sammanthurai divisional secretariat area in Ampara districtPuvanitha, S.; Narmilan, A.
2019-12-18Present status on the milk production with special references to influence of environmental factors and management practices in cattle and buffalo population in Eravur Pattu, Batticaloa district in Sri LankaSanthirakumar, S.; Narmilan, A.
2017Prevalence on low birth weight babies in Eravur Pattu, Batticaloa districtNarmilan, A.; Puvanitha, S.
2002-07-27Problems and factors influencing the adoption of micro irrigation system in crop cultivation in Manmunai south Eruvil Pattu Ds division, BatticaloaJanani, M.; Narmilan, A.; Sugirtharan, M.
2021-06-11Relationship between temperature-humidity index and milk production of dairy cows in tropical climateNarmilan, A.; Puvanitha, N.; Sharfan Ahamed, A.; Santhirakumar, S.