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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-10-08Assessment on consequences and benefits of the smart farming techniques in Batticaloa district, Sri LankaNarmilan, Amarasingam; Niroash, G; Sumangala, K
2022-09-01Detection of white leaf disease in sugarcane using machine learning techniques over UAV multispectral imagesNarmilan, Amarasingam; Felipe, Gonzalez; Surantha, Salgadoe; Kevin, Powell
2020-09-29The Effect of Different Planting Methods on Growth and Yield of Selected of Cassava (Manihot esculenta) CultivarsNarmilan, Amarasingam; Puvanitha, Narmilan
2022-04Farmers’ perception on precision farming technologies: A novel approachKanesh, Suresh; Narmilan, Amarasingam; Rifai Kariapper, Ahmadh; Sabraz, Nawaz; Jeyapraba, Suresh
2020-03Impact of environmental factors on trend of milk production: a study based in Batticaloa district, Sri LankaSanthirakumar, Samithamby; Narmilan, Amarasingam
2022-08An IoT based low-cost weather monitoring system for smart farmingNarmilan, Amarasingam; Pirapuraj, P; Dayananda, L.P.S.S.K
2020-09-11Mitigation techniques for agricultural pollution by precision technologies with a focus on the Internet of Things (IoTs): a reviewNarmilan, Amarasingam; Puvanitha, Narmilan
2022-02-25Predicting canopy chlorophyll content in sugarcane crops using machine learning algorithms and spectral vegetation indices derived from UAV multispectral imageryNarmilan, Amarasingam; Gonzalez, Felipe; Ashan Salgadoe, Arachchige Surantha; Lahiru Madhushanka Kumarasiri, Unupen Widanelage; Sampageeth Weerasinghe, Hettiarachchige Asiri; Kulasekara, Buddhika Rasanjana
2020-10-17Reduction techniques for consequences of climate change by Internet of Things (IoT) with an emphasis on the agricultural production: a reviewNarmilan, Amarasingam; Niroash, G
2016Web based agricultural meteorology and crop evapotranspiration systemNarmilan, Amarasingam