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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07-27Anthropometric evaluations of body fat content of undergraduate male studentsAsmiya, A.; Aqeel, M. A. A.; Nashath, M. N. F.
2022-06-30Effect of seed pelleting on the growth and yield performance of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) cultivationWasanthika, H. M. N.; Edirimanna, I. C. S.; Nashath, M. N. F.; Mubarak, A. N. M.; Kumara, A. D. N. T.
2021-07-27Establishment of sensory evaluation panel for a biscuits manufacturing industrySachinthani, V. P. N.; Abdul Majeed, U. L.; Rajapaksha, S.; Nashath, M. N. F.
2021-07-27Evaluation of morphological and yield characteristics of selected local pumpkin accessions in Sri LankaDarshani, W. M. R.; Nashath, M. N. F.; Niran, H. M. L.; Mubarak, A. N. M.
2021-11-30Evaluation of root morphology of selected rice varieties under anaerobic and aerobic conditions in Sri LankaHimasha, P. S. S.; Millawithanachchi, M .C.; Nashath, M. N. F.; Mubarak, A. N. M.
2021-11-26Evaluation on growth parameters and yield of tea plants grown under different shade trees in the low country, Sri LankaSharfan Ahamed, A.; Nashath, M. N. F.; Nifflah, M. R. F.
2023-11-28Exploring genetic diversity of maize (ZEA MAYS l.) accessions in Sri Lanka by employing SSR markers on photosynthetic, canopy architectural and grain yield traitsNashath, M. N. F.; Mubarak, A. N. M.; Kumara, A. D. N. T.
2021-12-16Green roofing: a potential solution to global warming problems in Sri LankaIrfeey, A. M. M.; Nashath, M. N. F.; Sumaiya, M. M. F.
2021-11-30Impact of different shades and light intensities on physiological changes in tea plantAhameda, A. S.; Nashath, M. N. F.; Sujanthikac, V.; Akram, A. T. A.
2021-09Modified coir dust media elevate the production of superior quality Epipremnum Aureum. L plantlets derived from stem cuttingsLiyanage, K. L. A. D.; Nashath, M. N. F.; Karunanayake, K. A. S.; Mubarak, A. N. M.
2021-07-27Morphological characterization of selected Capsicum accessions and development of species identification key for ChiliMulathagedara, M. G. S. S.; Nashath, M. N. F.; Kekulandara, D. S.; Mubarak, A. N. M.
2023-12-31Potential use of Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller) and Kessibissan (Cyclea peltata L.) as media additives for Anthurium tissue cultureKumari, P. G. G. R. D.; Herath, H. M. I.; Mubarak, A. N. M.; Nashath, M. N. F.
2021-10-21Proximate composition analysis of hand-made and machine-made hybrid sweet sorghum silagesAhamed, A. S.; Nashath, M. N. F.; Yousaf, I.
2021-12-16The role of defensive Phytochemicals promote stress resistance in maize (zea mays L.) accessionsNashath, M. N. F.; Mubarak, A. N. M.
2022-11-10Temporal variations of selected surface water quality parameters and pollution status of Batticaloa lagoon – A reviewNashath, M. N. F.; Asmath, A. M. M.; Rishadha, M. R. F.
2022-11-10The trend of fertilizer usage by paddy farmers in Ampara district, Sri LankaAsmath, A. M. M.; Nashath, M. N. F.