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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Factors contributing to the business growth of small and medium dairy enterprises in Sri LankaNadheer, Mohamed Aboobucker; Salfiya Ummah, M. A. C.
2021-03-02Factors influencing business performance of small and medium enterprises: a case study in Sri LankaSalfiya Ummah, M. A. C.; Choy, Chong Siong; Sulaiha Beevi, A.
2021-12Factors influencing on work performance: special reference to divisional secretariats in Ampara DistrictSalfiya Ummah, M. A. C.; Sulaiha Beevi, M. A. C
2019-11Human capital and business growth among Muslim women entrepreneurs in the Eastern province of Sri LankaSalfiya Ummah, M. A. C.; Chong, Siong Choy; Khatibi, Ali; Azam, S.M. Ferdous
2019Impact of entrepreneurs’ behaviour on growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs): special reference to Udunuwara DivisionAzra, S. A. F.; Salfiya Ummah, M. A. C.
2021-11-30Impact of psychological characteristics on business performance of Muslim Women entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka.Salfiya Ummah, M. A. C.
2017Impact of sustainable livelihood strategies of non government organizations on livelihood assets of war affected community: special reference to zoa projectsKilaman, Kingsley; Salfiya Ummah, M. A. C.
2021Occupational stress and nursing officer’s job performance: an empirical study at base hospitals in Kalmunai regional director of health services regionSiraj, M. I.; Salfiya Ummah, M. A. C.; Sithy Safeena, M. G. H.
2017Psychological contract and motivation among women employeesSalfiya Ummah, M. A. C.
2013Push and pull motivation factors for women entrepreneurship: a study on women headed families in Ampara districtSalfiya Ummah, M. A. C.; Gunapalan, S.
2014Role conflict and work overlord on job satisfaction of public accountants in Sri LankaSalfiya Ummah, M. A. C.; Fazeel, K.
2019-11-27A study on the impact of psychological empowerment on job satisfaction: special reference to Brandix Apparel Solutions Limited in KahawattaWijesena, B. H. C. I.; Salfiya Ummah, M. A. C.