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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-10-25Characterization of a gel polymer electrolyte and performance assessment in super capacitor using electrochemical impedance spectroscopyHansika, P.A.D.; Perera, K.S.; Vidanapathirana, K.P.; Zainudeen, U.L.
2014Critical evaluation of G.C.E (A/L) physics practical in Akkaraipattu and kalmunai education zonesNagoorthamby, M.M.; Zainudeen, U.L.; Jafeen, M.J.M.
2013-07-06A cyclic voltammetry study on bi layer and multi layer conducting polymer filmsZainudeen, U.L.; Careem, M.A.
12/29/2016Determination of membranehydration number of NH4+ in conducting polymersJafee, M.J.M.; Zainudeen, U.L.
2017-11-28Efficiency improvement of dye-sensitized solar cell by the composite of titanium dioxide nano particles and electro spun titanium dioxide nanofiberZiyan, M.A.M.; Disanayake, M.A.K.L.; Zainudeen, U.L.; Senadeera, G.K.R.; Thotawattage, C.A.
2012-05-25Electrochemical stability of PEDOT/ DBS conducting polymer filmsZainudeen, U.L.; Careem, M.A.
2023-12-14Enhancing the photocurrent of dye-sensitized solar cells by nanofiller effectNajitha, A. R.; Zainudeen, U.L.
2013-12-03Strain measurements on multilayer conducting polymer filmsZainudeen, U.L.; Careem, M.A
2017-11-28A Study of sound absorption coefficient of natural fiber samples, coir fiber and rice dust at dry and wet conditionsWeerasuriya, W.A.A.W.P.; Zainudeen, U.L.; Priyadharshana, P.A.N.S.
2017-11-28A Study of tensile strength of PEDOT and PPy conducting polymer filmZainudeen, U.L.; Jafeen, M. J. M.
2012-03-28UV - Visible optical absorption spectroscopic studies on PEDOT and PPY conducting polymer Multilayer filmsZainudeen, U.L.; Careem, M.A.