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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Analysis on the use of information systems research methods in data miningHanees, A.L; Dahana, H
2022-05-25Comparative analysis of machine learning algorithms along with lexical analyzers for sentiment analysis in Tamil LanguageShafana, A. R. F.; Nihla, M. I. F.; Musfira, A. F.; Naja, M. M. F.
2022-02-03Comparative study of predicting book review using machine learning algorithmsShibly, F. H. A.; Uzzal, Sharma; Naleer, H. M. M.
2022-02-03Detecting Hate Speech through Machine LearningShibly, Firthouse Hassan Ahamed; Sharma, Uzzal; Naleer, HMM; Borah, Samarjeet; Panigrahi, Ranjit
2023-12-14Ear recognition using edge detection algorithmsAkmal Jahan, M. A. C.; Masroofa, A. F.
2022-09-28An ensemble approach to detect hate speech in Tamil tweetsShibly, F. H. A.; Sharma, Uzzal; Naleer, H. M. M.
2022-11-15Intelligent, secured smart app for complete diabetes lifestyle management –“Diabeta”Jayasekara, J. T. N. N.; Gunasekera, R. H.; Ravindu Hasanka, V. G.; Hasintha Kashmika, H. B. G.; Suriyaa Kumari, P. K.; Ravi Supunya Swarnakanthac, N. H. P.
2023-12-14Smart doc: an ai driven disease prediction and consultant direction smart systemAlan Steve, A.; Amani, M. J. A.; Akmal Jahan, M. A. C.
2021-12Smart healthcare platform for elderly monitoring with emerging technologiesMansoor, C. M. M.
2020-06-25Training computers to recognize facial expressions of humans: a machine learning approachMohamed Nizzad, Ahamed Rameez; Kunarakulan, Kunaratnam