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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-10-01An investigation on the transaction motivation and the speculative motivation of the demand for money in Sri LankaMallikahewa, S.N.K; De Silva, Nadeeka
2017-12-07An investigation on traffic issues at Getambe roundaboutJeyakaran, T.; Wickramasinghe, W.M.V.S.K.
2015Investment habits of the rural area in Sri LankaShafana, M. A. C. N; Jayawardana, K. M. L; Department Of Accountancy & Finance
2019Investor's behaviour in the share market of Sri LankaJahfer, A; Riquaza, S. S. N. S. N; Department Of Accountancy & Finance
2020-09-18Involvement of school students on social networks and impact on their performance of studiesFathima Zisath Shama, Latheef; Shafana, Muhammed Shareef; Ahamed Sabani, Mohamed Jamaldeen
2019-11-07IoT based hostel fire detection and alert systemDanushka, A. G. A. L.; Darshani, A. G. R.; Mufassirin, M. M. Mohamed
2018IOT based smart garbage and waste collection binsRishan, Usain Mohamed
2019-10-07IoT based smart water consumption monitoring and management systemDanushka, A. G. A. L.; Attanayaka, P. M. I. U.; Imantha, Y. M. S. G.; Mufassirin, M. M. Mohamed
2017-11-28Iot based waste collection monitoring systemMuhammed, A.A.; Hanees, A.L.
2018IOT based waste collection monitoring system using smart phonesHanees, A. L.; Muhammeth, A. A.
2020-06Irrational managers and firm performance - a mediating role of financing decisions.Thowfeek Ahamed, Samsudeen; Haleem, Athambawa; Sithy Safeena, M. G. H
2010Irrigation energy consumption in a tropical lowland rice fieldNajim, M.M.M.; AminulHaque, M.; Bockari-Gevao, S.M.
2013-12-03Is casuarina (casuarinaequisetifoiia) of the coastal belt in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, invading the sea front beach?Rizvi, E.M.J.M.
2020Is it social media or traditional media? That influence consumer decision-making in times of pandemicIshar Ali, M. S.
2011Is knowledge society information literate? : a case from Faculty of Applied Sciences, South Eastern University of Sri LankaMashroofa, Mohamed Majeed
2012-05-25Is Sri Lanka's liberalization out dated? an empirical evidences after 1977Nufile, A.A.M.; Santhirasegaram, S.; Ismail, S.M.M.
2019Is the element of sharing profits among the partners necessary to establish a partnership? - a comparative analysis between common law partnership and the Shari’ah lawMasoodeen, Mohamed Lafeer Zainul; Mazahir, Seyed Mohamed Mohamed
2019-11-27Is the export-led growth hypothesis valid for Sri Lanka? a time series analysisFrancis, S. J.; Vijayakumar, S.
2001-01Is the family a universal social institutionSabestianpillai, G.M
2016-11-01Is women’s economic empowerment really worthwhile to the men counterpart?Murugeswari, N.; Rosaline, Z.; Suganya, S.