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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-04Nam animator using network protocolSajeer, S.L.M.
2014-08-02Names of reviewer-
2020-06Nanobiotechnology-Driven management of PhytonematodesSafeena, M. I. S.; Zakeel, M. C. M.
2012-03-28Natural hazards and vulnerability in South Eastern coastal region of Sri Lanka: a case study in Maruthamunai areaAsmi, Y.B.M.; Balasooriya, N.W.B.
2009-01-12Natural honey as corrosion resistant for Aluminium AlloyRosliza, R.; Senin, H.B.; Muzathik, A.M.; Nik, W.B.Wan
2014-12Natural resources and economic growth: a literature reviewSanthirasegaram, S
2019-12-18Natural resources for tourism in JaffnaRajayogapoopathy, Jeevatharani
2008-11-10Nature in the urban environmentGowda, K.; Sridhara, M. V.; Padmashree, M.K.
2019-11-27Necessity for the establishment of new Pradeshiya Sabah: a study based on SainthamaruthuDilsiya, M. M. F.
2019-12-18Need analysis for curricula revision at the faculty of Arts & Culture of the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka: students’ perspectivesNavaz, A. M. M.; Firzan Begum, S.
2012-05-25A need for electoral reforms in the post conflict Sri LankaAliff, S.M.
2014-01-17The need for knowledge management for service innovationKariyapperuma, Seshika
2014-12The negative impact of women’s foreign employment on their children: an emperical study at Addalaichenai, Sri LankaNashri, M.M. Jaseela; Nufile, A.A.M.
2019-10-18Negotiating access to land in Eastern Sri Lanka: social mobilization of livelihood concerns and everyday encounters with an ambiguous stateFazil, Mansoor Mohamed
2011-04-19Net gen: learning pedagogies and competencies on information literacyMashroofa, M.M
2011Net generation: what the academic librarians need to know to educate themMashroofa, Mohamed Majeed
2014-01-17Neutrality of technologyMohamed Buhary, Murshid
2012New approach on mathematical modeling of photovoltaic solar panelKong, Kon Chuen; Mustafa, Mamat; Zamri, Ibrahim Mohd.; Muzathik, A.M.
2013A new b-glucuronidase inhibiting butyrolactone from the marine endophytic fungus Aspergillus terreusHaroon, M.H.; Premaratne, S.R.; Choudhry, M. Iqbal; Dharmaratne, H.R.W.
2013-07-06New brominated sesquiterpenes from the red alga Laurencia hetroclada Harvey, and their immunosuppressive activity studiesHaroon, M.H.; Dharmaratne, W.; Ranjithm, H.