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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-11-30Computational efficiency of weakly orthogonal spherical harmonics in cubed sphereFaham, M. A. A. M.; Nasir, H.M.; Kaneshalingam, T.
2009-10-10Hourly global solar radiation for Kuala Terengganu of MalaysiaMuzathik, A.M.; Nik, W.B.Wan; Samo, K.B.; Ibrahim, M. Z.
2007Study of electrochemical properties of LiCoO2 and LiCo0.4Ni0.6O2 as cathode materials in rechargeable batteries Balasooriya, N.W.B., Bandaranayake, P.W.S.K.,
2007Capacity improvement of mechanically and chemically treated Sri Lanka natural graphite as an anode material in Li-ion batteries Balasooriya, N.W.B., Touzain, P., Bandaranayake, P.W.S.K.,
2006Lithium electrochemical intercalation into mechanical and chemical treated Sri Lanka natural graphite Balasooriya, N.W.B., Touzain, P., Bandaranayake, P.W.S.K.,
2009-12-05Mechanization of agricultural industry and its consequent impact on the rural agricultural community: special reference to South Eastern, Sri Lanka.Aliff, S.M.
2008Impact of coconut coir-pith as an alternative substrate material on water reclamation in submerged wetland systemsWeragoda, S. K.; Tanaka, N.; Mowjood, M. I. M.; Sewwandi, B. G. N.; Jinadasa., K. B. S. N
2006-11-30Orthogonal spherical harmonics in cubed spherical coordinates and applications to poisson equation in 2-sphereFaham, M. A. A. Mohamed; Nasir, H.M.
2008-03The Problems of Resource Sharing in Sri-lanka : the case among Scientific and technical librariesRifaudeen, M. M.
2005-12-16Share price reactions to the announcement of rights Issues on the Colombo stock marketWeerakoon, Y.K.; Safeena, M.G.H.