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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-04Technology and services for library automationSajeer, S.L.M.
2019-02Impact of social media marketing efforts on destination's brand equity: a study among international tourists arriving to Sri LankaHilal, M. I. M.
2018-09-14The impact of service quality on customer satisfaction with regard to divisional secretariatsHilal, M. I. M.
2018Determinants of customer based brand equity of credit cards issued by the licensed commercial banks in Sri LankaShameem, A.L.M.A.; Jayasinghe, J.K.P.S.K.
2015Adoption of social media marketing by tourism product suppliers: a study in eastern province of Sri LankaSabraz Nawaz, Samsudeen; Mubarak, K. Mohamed
2013-06Techno-economic study of Aluminium alloy and steel as materials for deckhouses of offshore support vesselsFerry, M.; Muzathik, A.M.; Chan, M.Y.; Samo, K.B.; Noor, C.W.M.
2012-10-20Comparison of Aluminium alloy and steel materials as deckhouses for offshore support vesselsMuzathik, A.M.; Ferry, M.; Chan, M.Y.; Samo, K.B.; Noor, C.W.M.
2010-06Estrone removal activity of activated sludge under various dissolved Oxygen concentration levelsRiyas, Mohammed Cassim; Kurisu, Futoshi; Kasuga, Ikuro; Furumai, Hiroaki
2015Small and medium entrepreneurs’ perspective on E-commerce in eastern province of Sri LankaSabraz Nawaz, Samsudeen; Rashida, M.F.; Gunapalan, S.
2015School teachers’ intention to use E-Learning systems in Sri Lanka: a modified TAM approachSabraz Nawaz, Samsudeen; Thowfeek,Mohamed Husain; Rashida, M.F.