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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10-21Determination of proximate chemical composition and cadmium content in commonly consumed freshwater fish in Ampara DistrictFayasa, M. H. H.; Majeed, U. L. A.; Asmath, A. M. M.; Nifla, M. R. F.
2021-10-21Spatial and seasonal variations in mud quality of the Jaffna lagoon in Northern Sri LankaAsmath, A. M. M.; Senthilnanthanan, M.; Zisath Shama2, L. F.
2021-03-10Evaluation of surface water quality parameters in water hyacinth (eichhornia crassipes) infested water bodiesAsmath, A. M. M.; Begum, S. L. R.; Shama, L. F. Z.
2021-11-27Comparison of physical and chemical properties to find the alternative substrate material for the betterment of green roof technologyKader, Shuraik; Jaufer, Lizny; Shiromi, Karunaratne; Asmath, A. M. M.
2021-10-21A review of the impact of climate change on paddy production in Sri Lanka.Asmath, A. M. M.
2022-03-30Factors affecting climate change adaptation among paddy farmers in coastal area of Ampara districtNarmilan, A.; Asmath, A. M. M.; Asmiya, A.; Santhirakumar, S.
2022-11-10Temporal variations of selected surface water quality parameters and pollution status of Batticaloa lagoon – A reviewNashath, M. N. F.; Asmath, A. M. M.; Rishadha, M. R. F.
2022-11-10The trend of fertilizer usage by paddy farmers in Ampara district, Sri LankaAsmath, A. M. M.; Nashath, M. N. F.
2022-05-11Effect of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) infestation on selected surface water quality parametersAsmath, A. M. M.; Rasmiya Begum, Sulaima Lebbe; Fathima Zisath Shama, Latheef
2022-06-16A novel approach to determine the unknown concentration of a soil solution using UV spectrophotometerKader, S.; Lizny, M. J. M. F.; Asmath, A. M. M.; Naajla, S. L.