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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Moderating effects of academic position and computer literacy skills on e-learning portal usage: SEM application on theory of planned behaviourMashroofa, Mohamed Majeed; Haleem, Athambawa; Jahufer, Aboobucker
2020-02-24User’s perception on corporate annual reports: evidence from Sri LankaSarifudeen, Ahamed Lebbe
2020Impact of big data analytics on firm performance: mediating role of knowledge managementSamsudeen, S. N.
2020-03Impact of environmental factors on trend of milk production: a study based in Batticaloa district, Sri LankaSanthirakumar, Samithamby; Narmilan, Amarasingam
2020Sri Lanka’s Tea economy: issues and strategiesHilal, Mohamed Ismail Mujahid
2022COVID-19 pandemic crisis management in Sri Lanka. Slipping away from successFowsar, Mohamed A. M.; Raja, N. K. Kumaresan; Rameez, Mohamed A. M.
2021-06-23How productive are rice farmers in Sri Lanka? The impact of resource accessibility, seed sources and varietal diversificationSuresh, Kanesh; Wilson, Clevo; Khanal, Uttam; Shunsuke, Managi; Santhirakumar, Samithamby
2020Bibliometric analysis on global e-learning literature in Web of Science database: with special reference to Sri Lankan contextMashroofa, Mohamed Majeed; Jusoh, Mazuki; Chinna, Karuthan
2021-06-15An economic analysis of agricultural adaptation to climate change impacts in Sri Lanka: An endogenous switching regression analysisKanesh, Suresh; Uttam, Khanal; Clevo, Wilson; Shunsuke, Managi; Annette, Quayle; Samithamby, Santhirakumar
2020-10-28Developing a Framework for Understanding Lecturer-Student Interaction in English-Medium Undergraduate Lectures in Sri Lanka: First Step Towards Dialogic TeachingNavaz, A. M. M.