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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12-22Translation of Arabic Islamic terminology into Tamil: challenges and possible solutionsIrfan, P. M. M.
2020-12-22Social exclusion and vulnerability of people in gypsy communityWazeema, T. M. F.
2021-01-19The challenges faced by non mowlavies through their studies: based on Arabic department of the south eastern universityNathira Jahan, S.; Risama, K. F.; Rifas, A. H.
2021-01-19Livelihood and economic struggles of rubber cultivators and challenges and issues of rubber production: a case study based on Farnam division in PuwakpitiyaKrishanthi, G.; Rewathy, K.; Neththiya, K.
2021-01-19The challenges of recent displacement of labours from Sri Lankan tea industry: the evidence from estates of Sudhuwella GND in Kandy districtFowzul Ameer, M. L.; Mohana Priya, M.; Nuskiya, M. H. F.
2021-08-04The challenges encountered by school pupils in online learning during covid-19 pandemic situation: a study based Daraga Town Muslim SchoolsMazin, M. N. M; Afra, M. H. F
2022-02-03Knowledge and attitudes, challenges in face masks usage among employees due to covid-19 (special reference to Amana Takaful Plc)Fathima Sajla, J. S.
2022-09-28நேரடிக்கற்றல் (வகுப்பறை) மற்றும் இணையவழிக்கற்றல் (நிகழ்நிலை) ஓர் ஒப்பீட்டு ஆய்வு : இஸ்லாமிய கற்கைகள் மற்றும் அறபு மொழிப்பீட மாணவர்களை மையப்படுத்திய ஆய்வுNuseedha, M. M. F.; Afrose, F.; Fahija, Y. F.; Iqbal, M. I. I.; Habeebullah, Mohamed Thamby
2022-05-25The epidemic of women obesity & challenges: a risk assessment on Matugama DS divisionFowsul Ameer, M. L.; Sahana, M. S. F; Nuskiya, M. H. F.; Jisna, M. F.
2022-02-03Challenges of students’ organizations of south eastern university of Sri Lanka in covid-19 period: a study based on arts field studentsSumaiya, M. S. F.; Noorul Shifa, J.; Sabry, S. M.