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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-19How does Covid-19 lockdown affect on the lifestyle of people at Thelumbugahawatta area in Akurana.Aysha Asra, S.
2021-01-19Spatial distribution of covid-19 in Sri Lanka using GIS technologiesShafiya, M. N. F; Fazeeha, M. M. F.; Faasuna, M. T. F; Rinos, M. H. M.
2022-02-03Knowledge and attitudes, challenges in face masks usage among employees due to covid-19 (special reference to Amana Takaful Plc)Fathima Sajla, J. S.
2022-02-03Socio and economic impact of covid – 19: a case study of Egoda Kalugamuwa G.N Division In Kandy DistrictShilfa Baanu, M. L.
2022-05-25Online University teaching challenges during Covid-19 pandemic among academic staff in Sri LankaAshfa, A. F.; Thaila, T. F. F.; Roshan, A. M. F.; Muhammad Rifthy, K.
2022-02-03Challenges of students’ organizations of south eastern university of Sri Lanka in covid-19 period: a study based on arts field studentsSumaiya, M. S. F.; Noorul Shifa, J.; Sabry, S. M.
2022-05-25Students' perception of online learning activities during covid-19 pandemic: a survey study at the University of Vocational technology-Sri LankaIlma, M. A. F.; Sajith, S. A.; Muflih Ahamed, A. W.
2022-02-03Spatial pattern of Covid-19 first, second and third waves: study based on Sri LankaShafiya, M. N. F; Rinos, M. H. M.; Nushrath Banu, M. M.
2021-01-19New online user service initiatives of public libraries during the long term shutdown periods due to the unexpected circumstances: a case study in Sri Lanka during the Covid – 19 pandemic.Dilrukshi, W. P. T; Illangarathne, S. K; Wanasinghe, W. M. P. G. K. T.
2022-12-06Social challenges faced by estate people during the covid 19 period: a sociological study-based on st. margret estatDhevayani, A.; Asraj Ahamed, A. R.