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Title: What are the factors affecting the pro mobility among teachers at universities in Sri Lanka
Other Titles: An empirical investigation between the city and rural areas of the universities in Sri Lanka
Authors: Beevi Sulaiha, M.A.C
Keywords: Promobility
Job Satisfaction
Job Involvement
Risk Taking
Issue Date:  10
Publisher: Faculty of Management and Commerce South Eastern University of Sri Lanka Oluvil # 32360 Sri Lanka
Citation: Journal of Management. Volume III. No. 1. pp 41-51. October 2005.
Abstract: This research aimed to study the factors affecting the promotion mobility of teachers which will lead to increase the trend in upward mobility among teachers at rural area university in Sri Lanka. This research attempted to examine the university teachers whether SEUSL and Colombo are depending on job related characteristics and personal characteristics. It is theoretically argued that promotion mobility depend upon Job Satisfaction (JS). Frozenness(FR), Organizational CommitmentOC), Job InvoIvement(JI), Risk Taking(RT) and Stress(S). An empirical study was conducted to test whether these 6 variables are significantly associated with promotion mobility among university teachers in Sri Lanka. The study involved 178 academic staffs who were selected from SEUSL and University of Colombo. The results indicated that first 5 variables were not associated with pro mobility significantly at SEUSL, suggesting that pro mobility is independent of JS, FR. OC, JI and RT and alt variables except frozenness were not associated with P significantly at University of Colombo. Suggesting that promotion is independent of JS, OC. J I, RJ and S. These findings have to be considered when creating an atmosphere for enhancing Pro mobility of teachers in rural areas of the universities in Sri Lanka. These variables have to be built into the scheme of Pro mobility. So that they may be the deciding factors of future Pro mobility rather than a present snap- shot.
ISSN: 1391-8230
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