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dc.contributor.authorKanesarajah, Kanapathippillai-
dc.identifier.citationJournal of Critical Reviews, 7(15): 4689-4697.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe oriental ideology has a long history and study of the ideologists and groups is a key to understand and compare this with diversified ideology. Swami Viplulananthar (Saint) and Sri Rama Krishna Mission have been considered to be prominent stakeholders of oriental Ideology in the last century, especially in the field of South Asian Philosophy. Learning Swami Vipulananthar, his thoughts and deeds will provide a clear picture of Modern Tamil Cultural History and the tradition of South Eastern Ideology as he was not only a monk, but also contributed in many ways in the fields of school founder, education, University education, literature, critics and many more in the colonial era at the juncture of nationalism was at its peak against the colonialism. In this research article analyze the scholarly works of Swami Viplulananthar. The result indicates that teacher, principal, lecturer, professor, newspaper and magazine editor, poet, translator, author, researcher, creative writer, ecten_US
dc.subjectYal noollen_US
dc.titleVipulananthar: a multifaceted scholar in Eastern philosophical thoughts - an analysisen_US
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