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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09-18Conversion of virtual writing on a 2D plane into real writing using LED pen and web cameraJubailah Bagum, Abdul Lathief
2020-12Influence of grain fractions on the progeny adult emergence of the lesser grain borer, rhyzopertha dominica (F.) (coleoptera: bostrychidae) in stored rice varieties and pulsesHettiarachchi, J. M.; Dissanayaka, D. M. S. K.; Wijayaratne, L. K. W.
2020-09-18A study on big data analytics: platforms and tools, challenges, technologies and key applicationsFathima Sihnas Fanoon, Abdul Raheem; Isuri Uwanthika, Gatamanna Arachchige
2020-09-18How to deliver an engaging online presentation?Fathima Sanjeetha, Mohamed Buhary; Sabraz Nawaz, Samsudeen; Mohamed Hasmy, Abdul Jabbar
2020-09-18Students’ intention to use social media for academic purposes: a study of south eastern university of Sri LankaFathima Sanjeetha, Mohamed Buhary; Sabraz Nawaz, Samsudeen
2020-09-18Service oriented architecture in enterprise integrationFaathima Fayaza, Meeraa Shahibo
2020-09-18Human face recognition to target commercial on digital display via genderMohamed Naleer, Haju Mohamed
2020-09-18Movie success and rating prediction using data mining algorithmPirunthavi, Sivakumar; Vithusia, Puvaneswaren Rajeswaren; Abishankar, Kamalanathan; Ekanayake, E. M. U. W. J. B.; Yanusha, Mehendran
2020-12Decision tree based automated prediction of infant low birth weightAkmal Jahan, M. A. C.; Razmy, A. M.
2020-09-18Predictive data mining for phishing websites: a rule based approachFathima Shafana, Abdul Raheem; Fathima Shihnas Fanoon, Abdul Raheem