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Title: Peace building in post : war societies
Authors: Aliff, S.M
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: Department of Social Sciences, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
Abstract: Post-Conflict peace building is evidently not a simple process. There are significant limitations and complications that need to be addressed, including political and resource constraints and also peace building in post-conflict societies is a multi-component process, most important of which is finding lasting political solutions within the framework of nation states. While the term peace building is relatively new, external assistance for post-war rebuilding goes back to the reconstruction of post–World War II Europe and Japan. What was new in Boutros Boutros-Ghali’s formulation, and what caught the world’s attention, was a realization that the end of the Cold War opened new possibilities for international action? The United Nations, individual states and international non- government organizations (INGOs), have become increasingly involved in trying to rebuild peaceful societies in the aftermath of violent Conflict. Post-Conflict peace building encompasses the full range of non-military commitments undertaken by the international community to assist countries to achieve self-sustaining peace and socio- economic development. This article studies one such effort of peace building and sustainable development in a war-torn nation. This paper focuses on the original definition of peace building. More specifically, it examines elements of peace building and interventions by external actors to help war- torn societies not only to avoid a relapse into Conflict, but more importantly, to establish the conditions for sustainable peace.
ISSN: 2448 - 9204
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