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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-04-19Affect of multicollinearity in unbiased regression modelsJahufer, Aboobacker
2020Analysing economic growth of Sri Lanka using geometric distributed lag approachJahufer, Aboobacker
2014-12Analyzing the extrinsic job satisfaction of government and private bank employees in Ampara region, Sri LankaJahufer, Aboobacker; Rifkhan Ahamed, Mohamed Ismail
2016-12-29Analyzing the factors influencing on type of pregnant mothers’ delivery (normal and cesarean): a case study general hospital AmparaNanayakkara, DNTRK; Jahufer, Aboobacker
2014-04Analyzing the impact of intrinsic job satisfaction of government school teachers special reference to Kalmunai educational zone, Sri LankaJahufer, Aboobacker
2016-12-29Analyzing volatility models for gross domestic product of sri lanka - from 2002 to 2015Jayarathna, M.T.S; Jahufer, Aboobacker
2009-02Assessing global influential observations in modified ridge regressionJahufer, Aboobacker; Jianbao, Chen
10/1/2009Assessment of anomalous observations in liu estimatorJianbao, Chen; Jahufer, Aboobacker
2012-03-28Box- cox transformation technique to detect outlives in ridge regressionJahufer, Aboobacker
2013-11-10Choosing the best performing garch model for Sri Lanka stock market by non-parametric specification testJahufer, Aboobacker
10/1/2011Collinearity affects and it's analysis in dataJahufer, Aboobacker
2014-04Contribution of macroeconomic factors on the stock market performance in Sri LankaJahufer, Aboobacker
2013-02Detecting global influential observations in liu regression modelJahufer, Aboobacker
2015Finding suitable statistical model for gross domestic product and agriculture related factorsJahufer, Aboobacker
2015How the important related factors contributed on all share price index?Imras, A.H.M; Jahufer, Aboobacker
2014Identifying unusual observations in ridge regression linear model using box-cox power transformation techniqueJahufer, Aboobacker
2014-12Impact of demographic factors on extrinsic job satisfaction: special reference to government school teachers of Kalmunai educational zoneJahufer, Aboobacker; Mohamed Sarjoon, Mohamed Haniffa
2011Measuring local influential observations in modified ridge regressionJahufer, Aboobacker; Chen, Jianbao
10/1/2006Performance of garch models in forecasting the exchange rate volatility of saarc countriesRahman, Mostafizur; Rahman Khan, Atikur; Jahufer, Aboobacker; Ping, Zhu Jian
2014-10Relationship of demographic factors to ability utilization of job satisfaction of government and private bank employees in Ampara region - Sri LankaJahufer, Aboobacker; Rifkhan Ahamed, M.I