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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-12An analysis of socio-economic empowerment of women in the light of islamic perspectivesNisthar, S.; Mustafa, A. M. M.; Nufile, A. M. M.
2017-12An analysis of socio-economic issues in relation to the role of women in travel and tourism sector: a study on global perspectivesNisthar, S.; Mustafa, A. M. M.; Nufile, A. A. M.
2019Analysis of the background for the failures of poverty alleviation programmes special reference to Trincomalee district, Sri LankaSangjeli, Sothinathan; Mustafa, A. M. M.
2019An analysis of the global ranking of American countries in the travel and tourism competitiveness indexNisthara, S.; Mustafa, A. M. M.
2019An analysis of tourism competitiveness index of Europe and Caucasus: a study on the regional rank of the tourism competitiveness index.Nisthar, S.; Mustafa, A. M. M.; Ismail, M. B. M.
2021-01-19Analyzing the impact between macroeconomic variables on economic growth in Sri LankaSharmila, A. M. M.; Mustafa, A. M. M.
2018-12A comparative analysis of the relationship of nature of poverty with Zakat collection and real gross domestic product: an empirical study in the context of MalaysiaNisthar, S.; Mustafa, A. M. M.; Mazahir, S. M. M.
2019-09-24Contribution of tourism and foreign direct investment to gross domestic product: econometric analysis in the case of Sri LankaMustafa, A. M. M.
2019-11-25Determinants of foreign direct investment of infrastructure industry in Sri LankaGunathilaka, M. H. V. S. S.; Mustafa, A. M. M.
2019Does LKR/AUD exchange rate exhibit long memory? a fractional integration approachSivarajasingham, Selliah; Mustafa, A. M. M.
2019-09-24Dynamic linkages between food inflation and its volatility: evidence from Sri Lankan economyMustafa, A. M. M.; Sivarajasingham, S.
2019An econometric analysis of global Muslim travel index: a study on the perspectives of permitted tourism industry in the global contextNisthar, Sainudeen; Mustafa, A. M. M.
2019An econometric analysis of impacts of exchange rates on imports: an empirical study on Sri Lankan contextNisthar, S.; Mustafa, A. M. M.
2019-11-27The economic impact of unemployed educated people in Sri Lanka: special reference to Akuressa divisional secretariatSithmini, W. A. K. S.; Mustafa, A. M. M.
2014Empirical investigation of the relationship between tourism receipts and sustainable economic growth in Sri LankaMustafa, A. M. M.; Santhirasegaram, S.
2019-09The energy consumption and gross domestic product nexus in Sri Lanka: cointegration and granger causality examinationWashima, M. N. F.; Mustafa, A. M. M.
2019-11-25Foreign aid and economic growth in South AsiaWeerasingha, W. R. D.; Mustafa, A. M. M.
2017-04-06Foreign direct investment expansion and tourism receipts: econometrics analysis and forecasts in the case of Sri LankaMustafa, A. M. M.
2015Foreign direct investment in developing Sri Lanka”s tourism industry: problems and prospectsMustafa, A. M. M.
2019-06The impact of infrastructure on tourism: the case of Sri LankaMustafa, A. M. M.