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Title: An analysis of tourism competitiveness index of Europe and Caucasus: a study on the regional rank of the tourism competitiveness index.
Authors: Nisthar, S.
Mustafa, A. M. M.
Ismail, M. B. M.
Keywords: TCI
Multiple Regression
Regional Rank
Business Environment
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Faculty of Management and Commerce, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka.
Citation: Journal of Management, 14(2); 78-87
Abstract: This study aims to find the association-ship between the Regional Rank of the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index and its Indicators in 37 European countries. The cross sectional data of the 37 European countries are collected from the World Economic Forum report - 2015. The statistical software package, SPSS v. 20.0 is used to analyze the data. ANOVA (Analysis of Variance), Multi co linearity, Multiple Regression, and Residual Analysis are the tools used to analyze to find out the objective of the study. RR: Regional Rank of the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index is used as the dependent variable and TI: Tourism Services Infrastructure, GP: Ground & Port Infrastructure, BE: Business Environment, PT: Prioritization of Travel and Tourism, and CR: Cultural resources & business travel are used as the independent variables. It is found that there was an inverse relationship between the dependent variable and all the independent variables along with the statistical significance. It is recommended that the governments of the European countries and the respective agents of these countries should be made aware of learning the findings of this study to promote their countries which can be victorious in lowering their Regional Rank of the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index.
ISSN: 1391-8230
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