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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-11-15Application of social media marketing in a small and medium size businessesShameem, A.L.M.A.
2011-04-19An assessment of the role of business entrepreneurs in conflict transformation - a case study of South Eastern Sri LankaShameem, A.L.M.A.; De Silva, Saliya
1/1/2014Comparative study on customer satisfaction of islamic and conventional banking in Sri LankaShiraj, Mohamed, M.; Shameem, A.L.M.A.; Nawaz, Sabraz, S
2018-02-01Consumer behavior and its impacts on green banking practices in banking in Sri LankaShameem, A.L.M.A.
2018Determinants of customer based brand equity of credit cards issued by the licensed commercial banks in Sri LankaShameem, A.L.M.A.; Jayasinghe, J.K.P.S.K.
2012-01-27Displacement, resettlement, and development - interrelations and contradictions: a case from Ampara district of Sri LankaShameem, A.L.M.A.
2011-08-22The entrepreneurs’ sustainable network approach: a way to improve the multi ethnic business and social relationships in the post conflict contextShameem, A.L.M.A.
2013-07-06An evaluation of potential adoption of web based marketing in hotel industry : A case study of Arugambay based hotelsMohamed Shiraj, M.; Shameem, A.L.M.A.
2016-09-28Factors influencing on customer satisfaction in hotel industry: a post war evaluationShameem, A.L.M.A.
2011-07-28Global climate change: a business strategy perspectiveRooly, Riyad; Shameem, A.L.M.A.
2017-03-26Impact of service delivery on customer satisfaction: a study among the telecommunication networks in Sri LankaShameem, A.L.M.A.
2017-10-19The influence of management commitment and support on the intention to adoption of green banking practices in commercials banksDavid, C.; Shameem, A.L.M.A.
2016-11-19Influence of seven Ps’ on customer satisfaction in hotel industry in Sri LankaShameem, A.L.M.A.
2016-12-08Marketing chain analysis of rice production in Ampara district, Eastern part of Sri LankaShameem, A.L.M.A.
2017The marketing environment and intention to adoption of green banking: does it have a relationships?David, C.; Shameem, A.L.M.A.
2014-05-31Marketing of financial institutions in Eastern part of Sri Lanka: emerging opportunities, challenges, and strategiesShameem, A.L.M.A.
2017-01-26A religious based perspective of cross cultural study on attitudes towards advertisementsShameem, A.L.M.A.
2016-11-10Religious principles as marketing strategies: critical evaluation of its applications and impacts on financial institutions in South Eastern part of Sri LankaShameem, A.L.M.A.
2009-08-23Resettlement Scheme for the Displaced of Oluvil Harbour: Recovery or Renewing Crisis?Shameem, A.L.M.A.; Hasbullah,S.H.
2011-04-19The role of business community in the business environment: through the lens of corporate social responsibility (CSR)Shameem, A.L.M.A.; Ahamed Thowfeek, S.