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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-12-20The ability of expression in Cōlaikkiļi’s poems : a view based on ‘Avaņam’ anthology of poems.Yoosuff, Ashraff Mohamed
2011-04-19Ability of identity of musical pitch of the human brainDarshanan, S
2021-12-16Abnormal animal behaviors can be used as a tool for natural early warning system for disastersRiyas Ahamed, A. M.
2022-11-15Absolute stability of runge-kutta methodKomathiraj, K.; Marasinghe, M. M. J. P.
2012-05-25Abstract of keynote speech-
2020-06The absurd and revolt: a study of absurd heroes in selected fiction by albert camusDe Costa, Merinnage Nelani
2014-08-02Academic and administrative structure of Quran madaras in Sri LankaMunas, M.H.A; Habeebullah, M.T
2018Academic and administrative structure of Quran Madarasas in Sri Lanka: as a model Maruthamunai Quran MadarasasMunas, M.H.A.; Habeebullah, M.T.
2016-07-20Accelerating text-based plagiarism detection using GPUsJiffriya, M.A.C.; Jahan, M.A.C. Akmal; Gamaarachchi, Hasindu; Ragel, Roshan G.
2016-02-04Accelerating text-based plagiarism detection using GPUsJiffriya, M. A. C.; Akmal Jahan, M. A. C.; Hasindu, Gamaarachchi; Roshan, G. Ragel
2020Acceptance of cloud of things by small and medium enterprises in Sri LankaSamsudeen, Sabraz Nawaz
2019-12Acceptance of e-learning systems: a study of South Eastern University of Sri LankaNawaz, Samsudeen Sabraz; Sameem, Mohamed Aboobucker Mohamed
2021-09Acceptance of mobile banking application services offered by Sri Lankan commercial banksGayan Nayanajith, D. A.; Dissanayake, D. M. R.; Wanninayake, W. M. C. B.; Damunupola, K. A.
2016-05-30Access to information: experience of undergraduates from two universities of Sri LankaJazeel, M.I.M.; Dehigama, K.
2020Access to primary education in the context of resettlement in war-torn Northern Sri Lanka: problems and challengesIhjas, M. M.
2017-12-07Access to Sammanthurai public library through social mediaMustaq, A.L.M.; Mashroofa, Mohamed Majeed
2015-12-22Accessibility of road network based on connectivity analysis technique in Moratuwa urban area of ColomboMathivathany, Vinayagamoorthy
2015Accessibility of road network based on connectivity analysis technique in Moratuwa urban area of Colombo.Mathivathany, Vinayagamoorthy
2014Accessibility to auxiliary amenities as non accounting information to predict MSMEs credit risk in Trincomalee district of Sri LankaNijam, H.M.
2021Accessibility to industrial factors and business performance: a case study of female entrepreneurs in Sri LankaSalfiya Ummah, Mohamed Abdul Cader; Haleem, Athambawa