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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-12-16I-P2O5 diagrams as an indicator of depositional environment in marine sediments: preliminary findings (Sri Lanka)Adikaram, A.M.N.M.; Pitawala, H.M.T.G.A.; Ishiga, H.
2019-11-27Ibuprofen binds DNA: evidenced through fluorescence spectroscopic and molecular dockingSafeena, M. I. S.
2012-06ICT literacy and learning styles of net generation.Mashroofa, Mohamed Majeed
2016-12-20ICT: does it have a domineering role in a family?Mansoor, C.M.M.; Rafeena, H.M.
2010-12The idea of progress in historyAnuzsiya, S
2018Identification of cascade systems and assessment of the performance of village tanks at Madukanda agrarian service centreAthukorala, W. E. P.; Nanthakumaran, A.; Kadupitiya, H. K.
2016-12-20Identification of problems in rigid pavements in Ampara district and proposed solutionsSuja, A.C.A.; Marliyas, M.M.
2012-03-28Identification of scorpion species (arachnids: scorpions) collected from selected areas in the Jaffna PeninsulaVeronika, K.; Akilan, K.; Murugananthan, A.; Eswaramohan, T.
2016-12-29Identification of suitable potential pathogens for biocontrol of water hyacinthQueene, Cheanieha A.; Safeena, M.I.S; Zakeel, M.C.M.
2013-07-06Identify the contribution and necessity of translation practice for construct the social harmony in Sri LankaMohamed Ashraff, Abdul Fareed
1/1/2014Identify the determinants of groom price special reference to selected Muslim area in Ampara districtJesmy, A.R.S
2019-12-18Identify the economic impacts of the Wemedilla Reservoir Construction: a study based on Galewela D.S. DivisionNusrath Banu, M. M.; Mohamed Rinos, M. H.
2019-11-27Identifying environmental impacts of Wemedilla Reservoir Construction in Galewela DS divisionRinos, M. H. M.; Nushrath Banu, M. M.
2021-11-30Identifying secondary metabolite content and antioxidant potential in selected commercially available medicinal plantsWarusavithana, S. T.; Safeena, M. I. S.
2021-07-27Identifying suite type of blockchain for application: public and privateHerath, H. M. A. D.; Ahamed Sabani, M. J.; Shafana, M. S.
2014Identifying unusual observations in ridge regression linear model using box-cox power transformation techniqueJahufer, Aboobacker
2021-06Identity, political perspectives and communal relations of Muslim minority of Sri Lanka: an analytical survey on contemporary discourseMohamed Fouz, Mohamed Zacky; Moniruzzaman, M.
2015Ideology and utopia: a study in relation to Malay Muslim in SingaporeRameez, A.
2016IFRS adoption and financial reporting quality: a review of evidences in different jurisdictionsNijam, H.M.; Jahfer, A.
2017-11-15IFRS adoption and value relevance of earnings: a non-market modelNijam, Habeeb Mohamed