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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07-15M-Learning Systems usage: a perspective from students of higher educational institutions in Sri LankaAbdul Shameem, Aliyar Lebbe Mohamed; Fathima Sanjeetha, Mohamed Buhary
2022-02-17A machine learning algorithm for classification of mental tasksManoharan, Hariprasath; Abdul Haleem, Sulaima Lebbe; Shitharth, S.; Kshirsagar, Pravin R.; Tirth, Vineet; Thangamani, M.; Raman Chandan, Radha
2023-08-18Machine learning for autonomous online exam fraud detection: A concept designMohamed Nafrees, Abdul Cader; Aysha Asra, Sahabdeen; Kariapper, R. K. A. R.
2022-12Machine learning technique for facial datasets to detect examination fraudulent activities in the online examination: a systematic review approachNafrees, Abdul Cader Mohamed; Sasubilli, Durgaprasad; Bharathi, B.; Komma, Siva Saikumar Reddy
2022-01-27Machine learning-based secure data acquisition for fake accounts detection in future mobile communication networksPrabhu Kavin, B.; Karki, Sagar; Hemalatha, S.; Singh, Deepmala; Vijayalakshmi, R.; Thangamani, M.; Abdul Haleem, Sulaima Lebbe; Jose, Deepa; Tirth, Vineet; Kshirsagar, Pravin R.; Gosu Adigo, Amsalu
2017-09-20Machine translation into Tamil language from Arabic by using Google Translate software: problems & solutionsSafiullah, M.I.M.; Munas, M.H.A.
2019-12Macroeconomic and demographic factors affecting on income inequality in Sri Lanka: a regression analysisFathima Washima, M.N.
2020-06Macroeconomic and demographic factors affecting on income inequality in Sri Lanka: a regression analysisFathima Washima, Muhammadu Nawas
2019-09Macroeconomic impact of foreign direct investment in Sri LankaMustafa, A. M. M.
2014-10Macroeconomic variables effect on financial sector performance in emerging Sri Lankan stock marketShafana, N.
2013Macroeconomic variables on stock prices: evidence from all share price index and milanka price indexShafana, M.A.C.N.
2023-01-19Macrotexture and grain size characteristics of lagoonal and riverine coastal deposits along the Southeastern coast of Sri Lanka: implication for paleoenvironmentSandaruwan, Chaturanga; Madugalla, Nadeesha; Adikaram, Madurya; Pitawala, Amarasooriya; Udagedara, Tharanga
-Madical laboratory management system for Peal Medical lab in MarudhamunaiHasmy, A. J. M; Farhath, M. I. N; Department of Management and Information Technology
2012Maintenance of books of account and accounting system of road development authority (with special reference to Batticaloa range)Hanees, M.M.M
2014-08-02Malaria epidemiology and anti-malarial activities through primary health centres in Rameswaram Island, Ramanathapuram districtNithya, S; Suresh, V.Madha; Kaleel, M.I.M
2021-07Malaysia’s public opinion on death penaltyMarzuki, Marafendi Bin; Chethiyar, Saralah Devi Mariamdaran; Sameem, MAM
2011-04-19Male participation in family planningRahman, A.L.F; Razmy, A.M
2021Management accounting practices’ adoption among listed manufacturing companies in Sri LankaInun Jariya, Achchi Mohamed; Haleem, Athambawa
2021Management accounting research approaches: a critical reviewInun Jariya, Achchi Mohamed; Velnampy, Thirunavukkarsu
-Management and communication system for Zonal Education Office, TangalleIrshad, M. B. M; Champika, H. K. S; Department of Management and Information Technology