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Title: Occupational stress and its impact on employees' performance in District Secretariat - Jaffna
Authors: Rathik, S.
Sivathasan, N.
Keywords: Stress
Issue Date: 10-Apr- 202
Publisher: Faculty of Management and Commerce, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
Abstract: This study investigates the relationship between occupational stress and employees' performance. Stress is inevitable to the most of working individuals at their work and work place. Organizations have to take action to reduce the stress. The determinants of occupational stress that have been examined under this study include physical environmental stressors, individual stressors, group stressors and organizational stressors. The sample consists of District Secretariat employees from Jaffna in Sri Lanka. Field study was conducted with questionnaire as the primary data collection instrument. Data was analyzed using statistical technique with SPSS having the version of 13.0. The results show that the most important factors in determining the stress are role ambiguity, noise, temperature and polluted air. The most important factors in determining the employees' performance are labour turnover, initiative skill and no of grievances. The results also show that there is significant negative relationship between occupational stress and employees' performance.
ISBN: 9789556270266
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