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Title: Relative risk for tb in the unprotected small industrial environment: a case study
Authors: Razmy, Athambawa Mohamed
Keywords: Average annual risk
Incidence of tuberculosis
Relative risk
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2013
Publisher: Faculty of Management and Commerce South Eastern University of Sri Lanka Oluvil # 32360 Sri Lanka
Citation: Journal of management Volume IX No. 1. pp 39-48. October 2013
Abstract: Tuberculosis is still continuing to be a major public health problem in Sri Lanka. About 8000 new cases of TB are notified every year. The incidences of Tuberculosis differ much within the country based on the environmental pollution and other factors such as occupation, nutrition and education levels and therefore the risk for tuberculosis also differs much within the divisional secretariat divisions. For this study the Sammanthurai divisional Secretariat division which is having the small industries such as metal quarries and traditional brick manufacturing was selected to study the relative risk for tuberculosis. The relative risk for tuberculosis was estimated using linear logistic models. This studied area had 2.89 folder higher relative risk for tuberculosis compare to the national incidence. Within this studied division an area called J block was identified as more susceptible area for tuberculosis. Presence of higher number of metal quarries, traditional brick manufacturing industries, low level of education and low income might be the causes for this increased relative risks. An urgent measure to control dusts from these industries and providing safe work environment for the people working in these industries are vital.
ISSN: 1391-6815
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