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Title: The role of irrigation system on ground water
Other Titles: a special study in selected areas of porativupattu, Batticaloa
Authors: Mathanraj, S.
Kaleel, M.I.M.
Keywords: Domestic
Water quantity
Agricultural practices
Chemical usages
Issue Date: Aug-2015
Publisher: Faculty of Arts and Culture, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
Citation: Kalam, Research Journal of Faculty of Arts and Culture. Volume IX. pp 33-40. Issue-II. August, 2015
Abstract: The demand for water has gradually increased more than past century because of the trends of global population. Intense agricultural activities, industrial activities and domestic uses are caused to the over consumption of groundwater. Irrigation system is one of the major part for contributing the ground water quantity. The main purpose of the study is finding the relationship between irrigation and groundwater. Through this, the changes of water level, influence of irrigation were examined with appropriate data. Irrigation data from the Irrigation Department have used to analyze the groundwater quantity through the correlation analysis. Images were utilized for this study, published reports and statistical records were employed to collect as secondary data. SPSS, GIS software were used for data analysis. As the result, there are five positive impacts and two negative impacts in the selected areas of Porativupattu. The reason for these two negative impacts is these both places located near to the lagoons area. Hence, these both places were not highly influenced by the irrigation. The recommendations of the study are to educate to change consumption and lifestyles, to recycle wastewater, to improve irrigation and agricultural practices, to control the over chemical usages, to develop the traditional agricultural practices, to make the proper irrigation system, to improve mangrove replantation and conservation, to develop the drainage and water supply, legislation and awareness programs. Therefore, the irrigation system is the most important to keep the ground water level in the study area.
ISSN: 1391- 6815
1391- 6815
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