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Title: Challenges of the development of palmyrah industry in Northern province, Sri Lanka: sociological approach towards transition from traditional to modern sector
Authors: Shaliny, Sinnathamby
Keywords: Social stratification
Occupational social group
Social psychology
Issue Date: Dec-2013
Publisher: Faculty of Arts & Culture, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
Citation: Kalam: Research Journal of Faculty of Arts & Culture, 7: 61-70.
Abstract: Palmyrah based industry is a traditional, family based business utilises the indigenous resources of North and Eastern provinces. This industry shows a peculiar state of growth, which is affected by sociological aspects of the environment significantly. The producers involve in the production and marketing of palmyrah based products face challenges at each phase of processes. The research problems are studied and presented on the basis of qualitative method in this research paper. Informal interviews and observations are employed in the study to identify the sociological problems of the producers. Few recommendations are suggested on the basis of the findings, to rectify the sociological challenges.
ISSN: 1391-6815
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