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Title: A review of ocean wave power extraction: the primary interface
Authors: Nik, W.B.Wan
Muzathik, A.M.
Samo, K.B.
Ibrahim, M. Z.
Keywords: Wave energy
Wave parameters
Wave data sources
Energy conversion
Environmental impact
Issue Date: Jun-2009
Publisher: Turbomachinery Society of Japan, Korean Fluid Machinery Association, Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics, IAHR
Citation: International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems, 2(2); 156-164.
Abstract: This paper aims to describe the importance of data, data collection methods, parameters to estimate the potential of wave energy and environmental impacts. The technical and economical status in wave energy conversion is outlined. Power and energy efficiency relationships are discussed. Many different types of wave-energy converters have been detailed. The progress in wave energy conversion in Malaysia is reviewed.
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