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Title: Long-tenn simulation of cross shore sediment transport of submerged mudbank induced by tidal current: a parametric study
Authors: Ahmad, M.F.
Mamat, M.
Rizki, S.
Mohd, I.
Samo, K.B.
Muzathik, A.M.
Keywords: Sediment transport
Shallow water equations
Approximate Roe’s Riemann solver
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: IDOSI Publications
Citation: World Applied Sciences Journal, 12 (6); 783-791.
Abstract: A parametric study of cross-shore sediment transport of submerged mudbank was conducted. The hydrodynamic force governed solely by tidal currents and purely mud sediment were considered in this study. One dimensional numerical analysis comprises of shallow water model, suspended transport model and bed material conservation model was developed to investigate the morphological behaviour of idealised submerged mudbank under such hydrodynamic and sediment conditions. A series of tests were carried out for some benchmark problems such as wave propagation and hump morphodynamics to validate the accuracy of the numerical scheme used. The system of hydrodynamic equations was solved using the finite volume numerical scheme associated with approximate Roe’s Riemann solver, a data reconstruction and slope limiter. It was found that the predicted morphological behaviours of the submerged mudbank under the cross-shore tidal current for a five year period behave similar trends for the specified cases where height of hump profiles are reduced at the top and increased at both sides. The decreasing or increasing of bed profile depends on hydrodynamic factor such as erosion rate and settling velocity.
ISSN: 1818-4952
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