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Title: The role of Shaykh Jamiu Larubawa Dandawi to the development of Arabic and Islamic studies in Ekitiland
Authors: Sulaiman, Kamal-Deen Olawale
Adeyemi, Kamil Adeleke
Keywords: Arabic
Islamic studies
Jamiu Larubawa
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Faculty of Islamic Studies & Arabic Language, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka.
Citation: Sri Lankan Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies, 2(1): 84-100.
Abstract: In Nigeria today, it has become very necessary to go deeply into the life of people who have contributed in one way or the other to the advancement of humanity in all fields of learning. This is why this paper is to study the significance of Shayky Jamiu Yusuf Ogunrinde who was popular known as Larubawa and Dandawi whose contribution in the field of Arabic and Islamic Studies in Ekitiland, Nigeria, particularly in the area of literary production. Hence, this paper discusses his birth and parentages, Education, Translation of some passages into English. The paper will also attempt to assess the Arabic and Islam Studies activities of this scholar. In terms of methodology, both oral and written sources were explored. The paper reveal that, Shayky Jamiu Larubawa Dandawi appears clearly as a sound and industrious teacher, preacher and Ekiti erudite scholar who singled himself out as being the first to leave religious anthology behind. The scholar also has the honour of pioneering the establishment of Qur’an/ Arabic and Islamic School in Ado-Ekiti. He was also responsible for the establishment of the Zumura tul Mumin Islamic Group of Nigeria in the Ondo and Ekiti-States. The paper concluded that, while discussing the development of Arabic and Islam Studies in Nigeria community particularly in Ekitiland, the role of Shayky Jamiu Larubawa and Dandawi should not be underestimated.
ISSN: 2550:3014
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