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Title: Non-financial motivational factors on employees’ turnover intention of lower management in the travel agencies in Sri Lanka
Authors: Hussain Ali, M. A. M.
Abeygunawardana, R. G.
Keywords: Non-financial motivational factors
Employee turnover intention
Travel agencies
Issue Date: Oct-2018
Publisher: Faculty of Management and Commerce, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka.
Citation: Journal of Management, 14(1); 39-45.
Abstract: This research means to investigate the impact of non-financial motivational factors on the lower management employees' turnover intention in the travel agencies (special reference to Colombo district). Today major organizational problem face by the travel agencies is the turnover of the lower management staff. The researcher aims to identify the relationship between the nonfinancial motivation factors & employee turnover intention in Sri Lankan travel agencies. The study used 90 samples as lower management employees in three famous travel agencies which are located in Colombo district. A hypothesis was developed and used the statistical analysis using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) as the primary data analysis tool. For the study purpose the researcher has selected independent variable as nonfinancial motivational factors and employee turnover intention as the dependent variable. The study found there was a negative relationship between non-financial motivational factors and employee turnover intention. In addition the level of non-financial motivational factors and employee turnover intention were very poor and high respectively.
ISSN: 1391-8230
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