Show simple item record Cumaran, Eeswaranathapillai 2015-09-08T12:37:23Z 2015-09-08T12:37:23Z 2013-07-06
dc.identifier.citation Proceedings of the Third International Symposium 2013, pp. 69-74
dc.identifier.issn 9789556270426
dc.description.abstract different versions, such as Ka􀙣􀙣aki 􀀙􀂃􀂜􀂊􀂃􀂍􀂍􀂗􀂔􀂃􀂋􀇡􀀃 􀀎􀃛􀂘􀂃􀂎􀂃􀂐􀂢􀂔􀀃 􀀎􀂃􀂖􀂃􀂋􀀃 􀂃􀂐􀂆􀀃 􀀆􀂋􀂎􀂃􀂏􀂒􀂗􀀃 􀀎􀃳􀂔􀂃􀂎􀀃 􀂋􀂐􀀃 􀀖􀂔􀂋􀀃 Lanka. Though the authors borrowed their theme from Cilappatikaram, they showed their own talents profoundly and compose these works to suit the legendry relevancies of Sri Lanka. The lucid portrayal of Sri Lankan culture, life style, economic pattern and religious life gives the status of national epic to this work. Besides, finding unity in diversity through the worship of Ka􀙣􀙣aki also plays a major role in breaking regional, racial and lingual barriers. On the whole, Ka􀙣􀙣aki Vazhakkurai is a great asset to the Sri Lankans as it strengthens the concept of nationalism en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher South Eastern University of Sri lanka en_US
dc.subject Epic en_US
dc.subject Cilampukural en_US
dc.subject Kovalarnakatai en_US
dc.subject Kannakivazakkurai en_US
dc.title KaαΉ‡αΉ‡aki Vazhakkurai as a National Epic en_US
dc.type Full paper en_US

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