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Title: Peace building as an extensive mechanism: moderate approach in the post-conflict situation
Authors: Fazil, M. M.
Keywords: Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Publisher: Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Culture, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka.
Citation: Journal of Social Review, 5(1); 76-88.
Abstract: This study is a review of the peacebuilding (PB) literature available in the international arena, and how PB has become one of the extensive mechanisms adopted in post-conflict situations. Accordingly, both traditional approach and moderate (comprehensive/extensive) approach toward peacebuilding are reviewed in this paper as either approach may be adopted by the international governments, international organizations and national governments. Anyway, according to the existing literature the traditional approach towards peacebuilding has been criticized by scholars in the recent past. The study is a qualitative analysis based on text analysis. Studies reveal that the traditional approach followed in peacebuilding or liberal peace has had limited success and sometimes failed in a number of countries in post-conflict situations. Latest mechanism emphasizes the importance of institution building using a moderate approach, which is a less ambitious version of the comprehensive approach to the peacebuilding - process, in countries recovering from conflict.
ISSN: 2448 - 9204
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