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Title: Knowledge management strategic enablers in higher education institutions in Sri Lanka
Authors: Kaldeen, Mubarak
Nawaz, Samsudeen Sabraz
Keywords: HEIs
Academic staff
Knowledge management
Key knowledge management strategic enablers
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Science & Engineering Research Support soCiety
Citation: International Journal of Grid and Distributed Computing, 12(3): 190-198
Series/Report no.: 12;3
Abstract: This paper examines the various Knowledge Management (KM) practices and strategic enablers in Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) in Sri Lanka. Through a review of relevant literature, six knowledge-based enablers were identified. The key objective of this study was to analyze the uses and importance of the KM practices and to evaluate the influence of KM strategic enablers on the KM practices in HEIs in Sri Lanka. The instrument was developed using items from prior studies and questionnaires were distributed to the academic staff in four HEIs that are under Sri Lanka’s University Grants Commission. Based on the survey 286 responses were qualified for analysis evaluate the measurement and structural models. The results revealed that the respondents from the HEIs do acknowledge the importance of the KM practices and key strategic enablers although they are seldom put to use. It was found that except one knowledge-based construct all other five constructs positively affect the KM practices of HEIs. Several identified research gaps were addressed via the utilization of the KM practices and strategic enablers. This study recommends the establishment of strategic directions that would enable HEIs managements to tackle KM practices and the key strategic enablers in a more effective manner. Top management of HEIs are recommended to support for KM infrastructure development from individuals to organizational level to strengthen both human resources and KM enablers. The results of this study enrich the body of knowledge concerning KM, particularly with regards to its importance and the utilization of its key strategic enablers.
ISSN: 2005-4262
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