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Title: E-Tourism: The Global Online Travel and Reintermediation Strategy for Travel Business
Authors: Kaldeen, Mubarak
Thowfeek, Mohamed Hussain
Keywords: e-tourism, travel agency operations, reintermediation strategy, tourism
Issue Date: 2018
Series/Report no.: 3;2
Abstract: The impact of e-tourism on the traditional intermediary process of travel agencies has been challenged. Travel businesses are seeking for most effective strategies for reintermediation to restructure the business. Hence, the objective of this study was to analyze the potential impact of e-tourism and reintermediation strategies on travel agency operations. The mixed, quantitative and qualitative method was employed in this study using a structured questionnaire and personal interviews for data collection. 136 usable responses were taken for the analysis and it was found that out of five variables, the co-exist with technology, personal interaction and highquality services were rated as key strategic areas of reintermediation. It was recommended the travel agencies to employ the latest technology in serving the clients and also enhance online presence, developing a mobile phone application (Mobile App) that can provide information, assistance, online reservation and enhance personal interaction with the clients and display a higher level of service standard over the online booking.
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