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Title: Internet usage among the undergraduate students in Eastern Province, Sri Lanka
Authors: Nafrees, A. C. M.
Roshan, A. M. F.
Keywords: Academic
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Department of Academic, International College of Business & Technology, Batticaloa.
Citation: Nafrees, A.C.M. and Roshan, A.M.F., "Internet usage among the undergraduate students in Eastern Province, Sri Lanka", Proceedings of 1st Annual International Research Symposium (AIRS'18),Colombo, 2018, pp.143-151
Series/Report no.: AIRS'18;
Abstract: Nowadays, the Internet is an essential thing among the students’ life. In this descriptive research study, a sample of undergraduate students from different campuses of Eastern province was studied, to analyse the undergraduate’s internet usage and to compare the usage between Government and Private sector students. A total of 247 students’ data were collected and required statistical analyses were performed using SPSS software. The study results exposed that majority of the students need the internet to their lifestyle. 91.9% of students go online for their educational purpose. Students face may problems in using the internet because of internet slow, power failure and high rate. Therefore, the study recommends that both government and private colleges should provide required high-speed free connection and Government should concern to improve the current state of power in the country and to grant the lowest cost for the browsing.
ISSN: 2659-2061
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