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Title: Phytochemicals from myristica dactyloides gaertn
Authors: Sathasivampillai, Saravanan Vivekanandarajah
Rajamanoharan, Pholtan Rajeev Sebastian
Varatharasan, Sujarajini
Keywords: Myristica dactyloides,
Sri Lanka.
Issue Date: 5-Nov-2020
Publisher: Zibeline International Publishing
Citation: Science Heritage Journal, 4(2); 74-75.
Abstract: Myristica dactyloides Gaertn. is an endemic plant species to Sri Lanka and it belongs to Myristicaceae family. M. dactyloides is a medicinal plant that is used to treat various illnesses in traditional medicine in Sri Lanka. There is no review published for M. dactyloides. Thus, this works aims summarize and present a comprehensive review including the phytochemistry of this plant species. This work would provide a foundation for further studying the phytochemistry and pharmacological activities of M. dactyloides. Web of Science (an electronic database) was utilized to identify relevant published work. A sum of 21 compounds have been found in various parts of M. dactyloides belong to classes like arylalkanone and lignan. More compounds were identified from stem bark. Compounds including Malabaricone A have been identified in both seed and stem bark. On the other hand, this is no scientific evidence available for any pharmacological activity study for ethnomedical uses. This work provides a basis for further studying the phytochemistry and pharmacological activities of this plant.
ISSN: 2521-0858 (Print) 2521-0866 (Online)
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