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dc.contributor.authorRifka Farwin, M. T.-
dc.identifier.citation7th International Symposium - 2020 on “The Moderate Approach to Human Development through Islamic Sciences and Arabic Studies” pp.629 -641.en_US
dc.description.abstractAquaculture has got one of the quickest developing financial subsectors of the Sri Lankan economy. Shrimp is a fishery ware that has the financial worth and significant food arrangement in aquaculture. Shrimp trades are one of the Sri Lanka’s major familiar trade workers and records for 40%-half of absolute aquaculture sends out. There has been an ongoing and quick development of the business over a beach-front belt of around 120 km in the NorthWestern Province (NWP) of Sri Lanka and presently shrimp ranches cover almost 3000 hectares of the waterfront region of the NWP and Puttalam area likewise remembered for that. This specific examination has been embraced in Puttalam locale and the principal target of this investigation is to evaluate the impacts on shrimp aquaculture in Puttalam and the sub-objective is to create proposals for upgrades in shrimp aquaculture activities to decrease the impacts. The qualitative method was utilized to gather the information for this investigation. Secondary information was gathered from books, journals and research papers and the information was analyzed by descriptive method. The decimation of the mangrove biological system, contamination, water struggle, water saltiness, soil saltiness, synthetic and water release, utilization of aimless substance and medication, the spread of illness and parasites, biodiversity misfortunes, saltwater and freshwater use are discovered to be the environmental impacts of shrimp aquaculture and social clashes and developing joblessness are found as the socioeconomic impact of the shrimp aquaculture in the Puttalam locale. Finally, the researcher proposed main recommendations such as protect mangrove forests, impact assessment, monitoring of ecosystem condition and trends and further policies and activities which are helping to improve ensure the sustainability of the industry.en_US
dc.publisherFaculty of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka.en_US
dc.titleAn assessment on Impacts of Shrimp aquaculture: a sociological study on Puttalam shrimp farmsen_US
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