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Title: Influence Of Twitter In Marketing Communication Rather Than Mass Media
Authors: Kariapper, R.K.A.R
Keywords: correlation coefficient
mass media
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: PennWell Publishing Co.
Citation: Solid State Technology,63(6);6534-6550.
Abstract: Twitter is a potentially powerful marketing tool. The study is aimed to examine the influence of Twitter in marketing communication rather than mass media. Furthermore, identify the people's perception of Twitter in marketing communication purpose. Quantitative and qualitative data is collected through open-ended questions, fivepoint Likert scale and decided to undertake a study with samples of 198 peoples who are above eighteen years old to examine the influence of Twitter in marketing communication rather than mass media. We applied the structural equation model and was tested with survey data collected from 100 peoples to identify the factors that may motivate these peoples to adopt and use Twitter in marketing communication. Most of the people (64.28%) suggest that Twitter has many features than mass media. Furthermore, the finding highlights the potentialities for the influence of Twitter in marketing communication activities rather than mass media. Indeed, this study highlights the potentialities for the perceived format with perceived ease of use factor (correlation coefficient = 0.62) has a strong positive linear relationship in predicting the adoption of Twitter and the resource and material sharing with perceived communications factor (correlation coefficient = 0.59) also has the strong positive linear relationships in marketing communicational usage of Twitter. Available research papers are investigated the twitter's specific features. However, this study is identified the useful features of Twitter from compared with mass media. Twitter always best to acknowledge tweets that contain sensitive information on direct messages on Twitter. This helps to build better connections with customers and users. The study has improved the efficiency of people who are willing to use Twitter for marketing communication. Potential conclusions have been made from the analysis and suggestions
ISSN: 0038-111X
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